About Us

About Parrado

Parrado is a First-rate streetwear brand located in the Netherlands. Parrado is all about motivating people to "Get out there". The phrase stands for to go break outside the places you useally spend all your time. because growth is outside that comfort zone.

So would you dare to Get out there?


As you unbox your latest Parrado apparel, you'll be greeted with a stylish presentation that speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to luxury and style. But there's an extra treat awaiting you within - complimentary stickers From the latest drop. So indulge in the excitement of unwrapping your Parrado order, knowing that every detail, from the packaging to the stickers, is designed to elevate your experience to new heights.


Benjahmin van Dusschoten is the founder of Parrado. After working on the clothing brand for more than a year he finally launched it in 2023

"I always get asked why I wanted to start a clothing brand, and I always answer the same thing: Since I was a kid I was very creative and with a love for fashion. When I grew older I always wanted to inspire people and help them to grow outside their comfort zone. So I decided to do just that through fashion and combine the two things I always loved and wanted to do. So after a year of hard work and perfection Im glad to finally launch Parrado!"

-Benjahmin van Dusschoten